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Laws of the Game



            Under 8:                                             four 10-minute quarters

            Under 10:                                           two 22-minute halves 

            Under 12:                                           two 22-minute halves 

            Under 14:                                           two 25-minute halves

            Under 16 and Under 17                    two 40-minute halves

            Under 19 and above                         two 45-minute halves


Ties in championship play are decided by playing two additional 5- or 10-minute overtime periods.  These periods are not sudden death; they must be played out.  If still tied the game is determined by a penalty shot shootout.




Before the game begins a coin toss is used to determine who will defend which end and who will kickoff.  The visiting team calls the toss and the team winning the toss chooses either the ball or the right to defend a preferred goal.  If the ball is chosen the other team may select to defend either end.  If the team winning the toss chooses to defend a side the other team must take the ball.  Teams alternate possession of the ball at the start of each period of play.

A kickoff begins play at the start of a quarter or half and following a goal.  Every player must be in his/her own half of the field until the ball is kicked.  The defending team must be outside of the center circle.  If there is no center circle then defenders must keep 10 yards from the ball until it is kicked.  The ball must be stationary at the center of the field.  Any violation of procedures will result in a restart.  At the whistle the ball must be kicked forward and played by another player. 

  • A goal may not be scored directly from the first kick on a kickoff.


Drop ball:  There are two occasions when a drop ball will be used to restart a game:

  1. Play has been suspended temporarily for any reason other than an infraction of the rules, or
  2. The ball has gone out of play and it cannot be determined which team should have possession.

The referee will drop the ball where it was when play was stopped unless the ball was within the goal area.  In this case the ball will be dropped on the 6-yard line nearest the point where the ball was.  If the ball was near the touchline or goal line it may be moved up to 5 yards onto the field.  It will be dropped between one player from each team.  The ball must touch the ground before it may be played by any player. 




Out of Play:  The ball is out of play whenever it has passed entirely over the end line or the touchline.  One hundred percent of the ball must pass beyond one hundred percent of the line.  If any part of the ball is on any part of the line it is in bounds.

In Play:  The ball is in play at all other times unless the referee has stopped the game for any reason.  The ball is considered "dead" and play ends immediately upon the sound of the referee's whistle.  If the ball in flight goes into the goal after the whistle has been sounded the goal is void.  Play ended when the whistle began.  If the ball rebounds off the goalpost, crossbar, corner flag, referee or linesman and remains on the field it is in play.



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