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CLCF Select Soccer is a program designed for players looking to advance their skills and abilities through training and participating in matches at a higher level of competition. Players, especially at the younger ages, do not need to be advanced; rather, they need the drive to work hard on their skills. This requires a player and their family to make a more significant commitment to the game and their team than our Developmental Soccer program.

CLCF Select Soccer fields boys and girls teams for most age groups from U8 through High School, with many age groups having more than one team. Most teams play a fall season, indoor sessions, and a spring season. Some teams also play in tournaments. Positions on teams are limited and granted to players based on the aptitude demonstrated during our annual try-outs. All players must try out for positions on teams as prior selection to the program does not guarantee subsequent placement. Players not selected into the program in a given year are encouraged to participate in CLCF Developmental Soccer, further their skills, and re-apply in future sessions.

Our annual try-outs are held in the spring towards the end of the Select season. Try-outs are conducted in a small-sided game format monitored by professional coaches from the New England Revolution Academy. Each player is ranked and rated, and the recommendations are forwarded to CLCF for final selection and placement. Try-outs take place at the Chafee Sports complex on Hope Road. Players are expected to attend all scheduled sessions for their age group.

How long is the season?

Training begins in August, and teams participate in the Rhode Island Youth Super Liga (RIYSL), the state youth soccer league. The fall season typically consists of 7 or 8 games with home and away games versus teams from other RI cities/towns. The fall season ends in October. In November, many teams then schedule indoor training and games at local indoor soccer facilities. In the spring, CLCF Select teams again participate in the RIYSL. Outdoor soccer starts in early April and ends in June, with some teams having had exceptional seasons in the older age groups (U12 and above) competing for the state cup. In addition to seasonal league play, many teams represent CLCF in several tournaments throughout the region. The team coaches determine the exact schedule and number of tournaments.

How much travel is involved?

During the fall and spring, a team usually plays four home matches and four away matches. All fall and spring league matches are in-state. For the indoor season, players are asked to travel to the indoor site to play their matches; most are in-state or in southern Massachusetts. Tournaments involve additional travel and may occur out of state; each team’s coaches will determine the exact locations and duration.

How much does Select Cost?

There is a $125 per player fee collected by CLCF to cover outdoor RIYSL games, administrative and logistical expenses, insurance, training curriculum, and program events upon acceptance to the program. This fee is collected in both the fall and spring for a total of $250. Additional referee fees are collected by the coaches who pay the RIYSL referees directly.

Additional costs include indoor facility/school gym rentals for training, indoor game sessions, uniforms, and tournaments. All tallied, Select Soccer averages $600-$700 per player, but expenses can be higher or lower depending on where and how much a team decides to travel.

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